FISCHER quality

No car without textile processing

With our spirit of innovation and our subject-specific know-how, we process textiles that are optimized for the diverse challenges of the automotive industry – and are very popular, particularly among the producers of luxury cars.

  • Seat covers
  • Roof liner covers
  • Seat belts
  • Insulating materials
  • Filters
  • Car bodies
  • Further areas of application
Robotics in the automotive sector

Sewing units and robotics

  • Reduce production time and costs
  • Flexible areas of application
  • Highly innovative
FISCHER Expertise

FISCHER – trusted expert for the automotive sector

The rapid growth of the automobile industry requires ever quicker and more productive production processes. Thanks to our years-long experience in this sector, we know what really matters and what will help you thrive.

  • Highly reproducible quality of production
  • Hybrid solutions for single production steps
  • Constant optimization of industry-specific working processes
  • Tracking and documentation of all steps of production
Unique and exclusively available from FISCHER – assembly seams and edge cuts < 1 mm for automotive door trims


Quality Made in Germany

FISCHER AUTOMATION is a family-owned business in its third generation based in Germany.

FISCHER AUTOMATION about the advantages of production “Made in Germany“

„The ever-changing demands and challenges require fast reactions and flexible approaches.

Business need to market their products faster and reduce the costs of operations. At the same time, customers demand increasing transparency, accountability, and sustainability – rightfully so!

We are located right in the heart of Europe. Therefore, our customers benefit from short ways of transport and our quick reaction time.

Most importantly, modern communication technology allows our highly trained specialists to support customers from all around the world in real time.

Karlheinz Fischer, CEO

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For questions and inquiries, you can reach us via the contact form. Our expert engineers and specialized technicians will answer all your questions regarding automation in the textile industry.

You can also give us a call during our office hours under +49 9281 840130.