Our approach


FISCHER AUTOMATION develops individual automations for industrial sewing processes.

With our tried and trusted integrated approach, we construct the most efficient solutions for our customers because we think of our customers‘ needs in a holistic way.

Understanding the problem

Know your customer, and you will find their automating solution

At Fischer, we invest a great amount of time in getting to know our customers. We want to learn about your goals and ambitions. We value open and transparent communication. We regard it as necessary to defining our common mission.

Key questions at this stage:

  • What are your goals and expectations?
  • How can we meet your requirements?
  • What resources are available to you?
Planning and Construction – 100% Made in Germany
Planning and construction

Planning and Optimizing Efficiently

After we‘ve gotten a grasp of the challenge at hand, we evaluate the technical feasability as well as the machine design. During this phase, our know-how allows us to include all possible approaches for optimization.

Key questions at this stage:

  • How can we exceed your expectations?
  • What possible options would further help you?
  • What can be realized more cost-efficiently?

Prototyping, Optimization and Production
Realization and implementation

From planning the prototype to the finished automated solution

After we have finished the conceptual design, we will develop a prototype und directly look for and include optimizations, even before the final automated solutions will be produced! With this crucial step, we ensure the highest quality and full functionality.

Key questions at this stage:

  • Have we met your demands?
  • How can we further optimize your solution?
  • Do you wish for further changes to be made?
Training and Instructions in Koeditz
Training and instructions

Training and Instructions

As soon as the machine meets our own high quality standards, you will receive a comprehensive training, usually over a period of two days, to internalize how the machine operates.

Our engineers and technicians in Koeditz, Germany, will teach you in detail how to handle and operate your new FISCHER solution.

Questions we will answer:

  • How often is maintenance required?
  • What do you have to be aware of during operations?
  • How can you do small repairs by yourself?
Global Delivery of your Automated Solution
Delivery and launch

Global Delivery and Launch

We always offer to ship your machine and accompany you during the system‘s initial operations. As soon as you‘re happy with your machine, we will dismantle it module by module, and ship it from Germany to a location of your choice! Our service team will assist you at your business with the initial launch. Of course, the latter is optional and you can also opt to do it by yourself.

Service via video-call
After-Sale Service – we‘re here for you
Service and support

For us, collaboration doesn‘t end after the initial launch!

FISCHER AUTOMATION will always be by your side – even after your machine will have been delivered.

Service is of utmost importance to us. This is why we have mobile experts in our team, that will help you out – no matter what issue you‘re facing.


Let‘s develop your customized and automated solution for the textile industry – together.