sewing units for textiles

Automate your low-volume production

The automation of small-scale production is well suited for all kinds of production, if you want to attain a unit even before ordering a comprehensive production unit for large-scale serial production.

FISCHER AUTOMATION is your partner for modernizing sewing units and workstations, and streamlining working processes. FISCHER will help you to save valuable time and become an even more innovative enterprise.


FISCHER automates everything that can be automated

  • No more manual refinements
  • Save personnel costs
  • Chance to relocate production to your home country
  • Highly innovative
Automate to save Time and costs

Automation begins with a prototype

Our prototypes – ready for serial production and of the highest quality – are highly sought after by customers in all fields of production.

There are multiple ways to develop new prototypes. It all depends on you – our customer – and your goals and the purpose you want to achieve.

  • Fast results
  • Simple construction
  • Customizable
  • Simplify product development
  • Valuable feedback loops from customers and stakeholders
State-of-the-art production technology – precise and fast


Quality Made in Germany

FISCHER AUTOMATION is a family-owned business in its third generation based in Germany.

FISCHER AUTOMATION about the advantages of production “Made in Germany“

„The ever-changing demands and challenges require fast reactions and flexible approaches.

Business need to market their products faster and reduce the costs of operations. At the same time, customers demand increasing transparency, accountability, and sustainability – rightfully so!

We are located right in the heart of Europe. Therefore, our customers benefit from short ways of transport and our quick reaction time.

Most importantly, modern communication technology allows our highly trained specialists to support customers from all around the world in real time.

Karlheinz Fischer, CEO

Contact us

For questions and inquiries, you can reach us via the contact form. Our expert engineers and specialized technicians will answer all your questions regarding automation in the textile industry.

You can also give us a call during our office hours under +49 9281 840130.