Since 1952, we have been custom-manufacturing a wide variety of special machines for the processing of medical and technical textiles, cleaning textiles, household textiles, clothing, and all other areas of the textile industry:


  • High-quality industrial sewing systems, up to and including complete sewing lines
  • Marking and labeling solutions
  • Packaging workstations
  • Specialized solutions for the processing and handling of textiles
  • Textile cutting systems using cold, hot, and ultrasonic separation processes



  • Robotic sewing systems such as those used for the production of cleaning textiles, dust mops, and cleaning pads result in time savings, higher quality, and increased production capacity
    » Download brochure „Robotic sewing system”

  • Automatic labeling machines are highly flexible in their application, being suitable for lot sizes as small as 1 such as in tailored garment manufacture, or for large quantities such as in mass production
    » Download brochure „Automatic labeling machine”

  • Automated dust mop manufacture consisting of a linking/binding unit, a marking unit, a sewing unit for inserting the mop-cloth-holder pockets and the mop edge fold-overs, and a cutting unit for automated mass production
    » Download brochure „Automated dust mop manufacture”

  • Special machines for sewing continuous textile tubes

  • Ultrasonic cutting systems with handling units